My entry for the Useless Simulation Jam

This game simulates working a soul-crushing office job with a tyrannical control freak as a boss. Your goal: Survive the work day while working as little as possible.

Whenever you are in the field of view of the boss, type as fast as you can (just mash random keys on your keyboard) to avoid getting fired. Whenever he looks away, stop typing and just slack. The longer you slack without interruption, the faster you earn points.

Each game takes 5 minutes. The route of the boss is fixed, so it helps to memorize it.

My personal best is 1702 points. Can you beat me?

If you have any constructive criticism, feel free to comment.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, satire, Short


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Very appropriate game for a Useless Simulation Jam! :D
And much more entertaining than it seems at first glance, good work!

1507 on the first attempt.


This is really fun! The idea was executed pretty well in my opinion. This is definitely one of those games I would come back to from time to time.


Surprisingly fun! I got 1268 on my first run but I feel like you could get at least 2k if you cheat the small grace periods and don't worry about the small times where the boss just swishes his sight over you. Great game mate!